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CATERINGPOR is the leading national catering company in the airline industry in Portugal and a joint venture between TAP Group and Lufthansa Sky Chefs.

CATERINGPOR manages a high volume, multi-cuisine operation at Lisbon airport, provides catering and logistical support for more than 180 flights and delivers 35 thousand meals/day (11.6 million meals/year) .

CATERINGPOR provides catering services to 20 of the main aviation companies operating in Lisbon and meals for Alfa train passengers on the Lisbon/Porto route.

Main Clients: TAP Portugal, SATA, Lufthansa, Emirates, TAAG, Air Canada, Euro Atlantic, Delta Airlines, American Airlines. 885 employees , € 49M in revenues.


- To adapt to the specific business requirements of CATERINGPOR
- To promote the integration of new business data and existing systems
- To develop a negotiation process based on a short list of suppliers
- To measure the results obtained (potential versus real)
- To promote and demonstrate cost reduction and potential savings as a result
  of using the GLOBALSOLVER platform
- To prove in practice the methodology associated with the implementation of
  the GLOBALSOLVER platform
- To develop new features based on the customer's business requirements


Scope: 28 Suppliers | 10 Categories | 319 Products

Real savings made by product categories as a result of GlobalSolver optimization:

Cheese 21%
Margarine/Butter 18%
Coffee/Tea/Compotes 17%
Dry/Miscellaneous 15%
Frozen/Refrigerated 13%
Spices 11%

"GLOBALSOLVER's platform is a key to our strategy for minimizing purchasing costs and transactional complexity"
Mário Matos, Member of the Board of CATERINGPOR.


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